Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blog has NOT Died

This blog has not died. It has just slowed down for the time being as I am very busy with school, weight training, tons of coding projects which I need to focus on one at a time, and other time consuming activities. However, when I get time, there will be much more content on here.


I have SELinux working in Ubuntu. I've had to do a few tweaks to make it work. In order to get the SELinux Troubleshooter GUI working (not needed but nice to have), I need to do some more research to figure out why it's not working.

I had SELinux perfect in Fedora and was doing all of it from the command line.

Official Site by the NSA (USA Government) here!

Other interesting News:

I found out that the newer versions of Google Earth can be used as a flight simulator.

See here for instructions.

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