Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HackWarez Caught Being Shady

Over at the Hackwarez community, some shady things were taking place and now leaked. The appearance of the golden ratio again 1337. 

I have got to know this community of of the hackerwarez (they like to go under the alias of slackware). Always approach with caution. If you site one, you are advised to do the following steps.

  1.   Run emergency synchronisation of source to backup location. Sync all buffers, remount everything as Read-Only.
  2.   Find a bomb shelter. These can be found often in disguise because they are now being used as everyday facilities, schools, etc., that had been built long ago during war times. Do not expect that you will be able to transmit or receive any RF Signals from you Linux Handheld mobile unless equipped with aircrack-ng and a double bi-quad extremely high-gain amplifier.
  3.   This belongs as 1. IMMEDIATELY take any computers running windoze and microslaft products off the network by yanking the cords from routers, switches, steal rolling windows mobile phones, flashing the firmware. At all cost and for the safety of all people, do this one with most importance.