Friday, September 24, 2010

Hacking the Gnome Panel

I edited the C source code of of the gnome-panel for 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 to allow more than 5 bookmarks/favorites showing, and then I compiled it back to a deb. The only part I forgot to do was change the package maintainers email to mine, so that the package would be gpg signed by my key. Don't worry, this won't affect using it at all. I didn't do anything like a dumbass not knowing what I'm doing. The max allowed bookmarks/favorites to show in the Places menu is now 20, probably much less than you'll use, so here are the debs for that. I did write in the channel log the change I made. If you want a 32-bit package, tell me in the comments/email.

or ...

If the first link fails and you use the second one, just browse over to the debs folder. I can add the deb for the mini-commander applet or you can read my blog post on how to create that yourself.

When you are done with all that goodness, go listen to some Evoken!

The laser on my mouse went out, so I plugged in a dual action Logitech gamepad that works out of the box with Linux, looks very similar to a playstation controller except black and blue, same buttons. Next I compiled qjoypad. My joysticks and gamepad buttons function well as a mouse, mouse buttons + more. movement is very smooth, much better than I expected. And this awesome gamepad only costs me $15 online. I knew it worked well/out of the box with Linux when I purchased it.