Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Go ahead; Try it!

The software has been under heavy coding lately, big time. Travis M. is seeing what he can do with the code. I am short on time now for all the Projects I want to do due to college summer school, a week of break, and then transferring over to another University.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Preview Available For Download

For the Text To Speech Linux App!

openjdk or sun-java6-jre
libmiglayout-java is included until I make a deb that depends on it
mbrola and mb-en1

Known problems:
Speed slider is not implemented
Back button will not work more than once after text is read; It does work more once while text is being read.

Much more features to come!!! But before they do, I am now working hard to fix that last known problem I mentioned.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Text To Speech App

Here is a sneak preview of the software I am writing. If you knew how this work internally, it's very cool. What it does is reads text out loud from any application. There's no need to open files in it, though that option will still be there. Anything you can highlight text in, such as email or an article you found interesting in Firefox, an ebook in pdf format, etc, can be read. When Selection Buffer is selected, the text is read immediately after you let go of the mouse after highlighting some text. When clipboard is selected, it will read after you do you copy some text. The GUI (Graphics User Interface) is meant to be minimal size so that it can hover above other windows while you are using it to read text. It can expand and retract from a full GUI  to a mini GUI. I do want to make a deb package of it. It does require certain dependencies such as either sun java or openjdk (either will work) and libmiglayout-java from the repos (I love MigLayout). Many more features are planned to be implemented including the choice between good voices to use. The forward and back buttons will go back and forward through what you are reading while it is reading one sentence token at a time. Have you ever read something to find out it didn't stick and you need to read it again? That problem is solved here through software :) Just hit the back button as many times as needed to go back some sentences and begin reading from there. This software will not be available for the Gates of Hell aka Windoze :)

And after you test this, go work on your triceps!