Thursday, March 18, 2010

Facebook Chat Through Instant Messenger App

Facebook chat can now work under Linux again through your favorite IM application that supports the open xmmp protocol. One of my favorites is Psi. Empathy, Pidgin, and Kopete should work fine as well. Instructions are here.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Microsoft wants to add you to their shitlist

For those who wanted to be able to play their games using microsloft's proprietary application programming interface (api) called DirectX or purchased a phone not knowing that the software on it was called windows mobile, and required an activated purchased copy of Windows to get the memory card on the phone to show up as a drive, etc., may be subject to vendor lock-in, and obtained a modified copy of Windows that's pre-activated.

One of these World of Warcraft addicts I will call Pirate Joe that use Windows to play his WoW for endless hours has pre-activated copy of Windows. Pirate Joe installed this update, but so far his Windows is not broken by the update or Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA). So then what is MS doing with the information obtained for users using known exploits to bypass WGA and Activation?

Here's a closer look at the update marked as important.

Fortunately there are efforts such as Wine (providing an open source implementation of the windows API and DirectX for gaming) that have had good success getting users around vendor lock-in.

A Headache for some Linux Users

Have you ever been playing a Game in Linux, kicking some noob butt and, the screensaver comes on while you are playing a game? Or have you watched watched a movie you downloaded and the screensaver comes on? I am not sure if a bug fix has been released, but for those experiencing the problem, there is a nice way of working around that problem with an application called Caffeine. It prevents the screensaver and standby while it's running with a coffee icon in your panel.